Class 12 Geography

ICSE Questions & Answers: Topographical Maps

1. How to find out the different occupations from the topographical map?

Different colours signify different occupations. For example, Yellow (yellow wash) - agriculture; green (green wash) - forestry; white wash - grazing / mining (if kilns present); DB / PTO / Hospital - Government service.

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ISC Class 12 Geography 2019 Question Paper

Answer sections A and B from part I which are compulsory. Answer any four questions from part II.

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ISC Geography Class 12 Syllabus

There is one Theory paper of three hours duration divided into two parts - Part I (30 marks) is compulsory and consists of Section A and Section B. Section A includes compulsory short answer questions testing knowledge, application and skills related to elementary/fundamental aspects of the entire syllabus Section B consists of one question on map work.

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