ISC Class 11 and Class 12 Subjects of Examination

For the Pass Certificate, you must enter and sit for English (compulsory), with three, four or five elective subjects and must have been evaluated internally by the School and secured a pass grade in Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (compulsory). You may not enter for more than six subjects including the compulsory subject English.

Compulsory Subject

  1. English

Elective Subjects

  1. Indian Languages
  2. Modern Foreign Languages: Chinese, French, German, Tibetan, Spanish
  3. Classical Languages: Arabic, Sanskrit, Persian
  4. Elective English
  5. History
  6. Political Science
  7. Geography
  8. Sociology
  9. Psychology
  10. Economics
  11. Commerce
  12. Accounts
  13. Business Studies
  14. Mathematics
  15. Physics
  16. Chemistry
  17. Biology
  18. Home Science
  19. Fashion Designing
  20. Electricity & Electronics
  21. Engineering Science
  22. Computer Science
  23. Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing
  24. Geometrical & Building Drawing
  25. Art
  26. Music (Indian or Western)
  27. Physical Education
  28. Environmental Science
  29. Biotechnology
  30. Mass Media & Communication
  31. Hospitality Management
  32. Legal Studies

The following subject combinations are not permitted for the ISC Examination:

  1. Physics with Engineering Science
  2. Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing with Geometrical & Building Drawing

The pass mark for each subject is 35%.

PASS CERTIFICATES are awarded to candidates who at the ISC Examination attain the pass standard in four or more subjects which must include the subject English and have attained a pass grade in SUPW and Community Service as examined / assessed internally by the School.

SUPPLEMENTARY PASS CERTIFICATES are awarded to candidates who have obtained PASS CERTIFICATES and who appear in a subsequent examination and attain the pass standard in one or more subjects.

STATEMENT OF MARKS is issued to all candidates who appeared for the examination.