ISC Class 12 Literature in English 2019 Question Paper

Class 12 English

Answer one question from Section A and four questions from Section B. In Section B choose questions on at least three textbooks which may include EITHER Shakespeare’s The Tempest OR Bernard Shaw’s Candida. You are required to select questions on one play only, EITHER The Tempest OR Candida in Sections A and B.

Section A

(Answer one question)

THE TEMPEST - Shakespeare

Question 1

Choose two of the passages (a) to (c) and answer briefly the questions that follow:

(a) Prospero : Ariel, thy charge
Exactly is perform’d; but there’s more work.
What is the time o’ th day?

Ariel : Past the mid-season.

Prospero : At least two glasses. The time ’twixt six and now
Must by us both be spent most preciously.

Ariel : Is there more toil? Since thou dost give me pains,
Let me remember thee what thou hast promised
Which is not yet perform’d me.

  1. Where are Ariel and Prospero? Where had Prospero sent Ariel? [1]
  2. What account of his task does Ariel give Prospero? [2]
  3. What had Ariel done with Alonso and his companions? [2]
  4. Which promise does Ariel remind Prospero about? What does this tell you about Ariel? [2]
  5. Why does Ariel think that he deserves what has been promised to him? What effect do his words have on Prospero? [2]
  6. Give the meanings of the following words in the context of the passage: ’twixt, remember [1]

(b) Antonio : Then let us both be sudden.

Gonzalo : (Waking) Now, good angels
Preserve the king!

Alonso : Why, how now? Ho! Awake?
Why are you drawn?
Wherefore this ghastly looking?

Gonzalo : What’s the matter?

  1. Where are the speakers? Briefly explain how they were at this place. [1]
  2. What does Antonio mean by “Then let us both be sudden”? What does he convince Sebastian to do? [2]
  3. What makes Gonzalo and Alonso wake up suddenly? [2]
  4. What reason do Sebastian and Antonio give for their strange behaviour? [2]
  5. Which sounds had Gonzalo heard? What did the king’s party decide to do at the end of the scene? [2]
  6. Give the meanings of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage: sudden, drawn [1]

(c) Stephano : Put off that gown, Trinculo [Reaches for it]. By this hand, I’ll have that gown.

Trinculo : Thy grace shall have it.

Caliban : The dropsy drown this fool! What do you mean
To dote thus on such luggage? Let’t alone,
And do the murder first. If he awake,
From toe to crown he’ll fill our skins with pinches
Make us strange stuff.

  1. Where are Trinculo and Stephano? What has distracted Trinculo? [1]
  2. Which murder is Caliban referring to? Why does he want this? [2]
  3. What temptations does he offer to make them carry out the plan? [2]
  4. What would the two have to do first to ensure the success of the plan? [2]
  5. What does Caliban fear would happen if they fail? [2]
  6. Give the meaning of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage: dropsy, crown. [1]

CANDIDA - George Bernard Shaw

Question 2

Choose two of the passages (a) to (c) and answer briefly the questions which follow:

(a) Morell : (snapping his fingers) Thats nothing. Have you raised the wages?

Burgess : (triumphantly) Yes.

Morell : What!

Burgess : (unctuously) Ive turned a moddle hemployer. I dont hemploy no women now: theyre all sacked; and the work is done by machinery. Not a man ’as less than sixpence a hour; and the skilled ands gits the Trade Union rate. (Proudly) What are you to say to me now?

  1. Where are Morell and Burgess? What does Morell refer to as ‘nothing’? [1]
  2. What does Morell say about the previous meeting between Morell and Burgess? [2]
  3. Why is Morell shocked to hear that Burgess has raised the wages? [2]
  4. What does Burgess say to prove that he has become a model employer? [2]
  5. How does Morell react to Burgess’ words? [2]
  6. Why has Burgess made these changes? [1]

(b) Morell : What have I done – or not done – my love? 

Candida : (With serious vexation) my own particular pet scrubbing brush has been used for blackleading. (A heart breaking wail bursts from Marchbanks. Burgess looks round
amazed. Candida hurries to the sofa) Whats the matter? Are you ill Eugene?

Marchbanks : No; not ill. Only horror! horror! horror! (He bows his head on his hands).

  1. What has Marchbanks told Candida just before the quoted lines? [1]
  2. Why does Morell ask what he had done or not done? [2]
  3. Why does Marchbanks break into a wail of horror? [2]
  4. How does Candida explain Marchbanks’ words of horror to Burgess? What does she go on to ask Marchbanks to give her? [2]
  5. What would Marchbanks like to give her? [2]
  6. How do his words affect Morell? [1]

(c) Morell : (With proud humility) I have nothing to offer you but my strength for your defence, my honesty for your surety, my ability and industry for your livelihood, and my authority and position for your dignity. That is all it becomes a man to offer to a woman.

Candida : (quiet quietly) And you Eugene? What do you offer?

  1. Where are the speakers in this scene? Describe the atmosphere among them. [1]
  2. Why does Morell want Candida to choose between the two of them? [2]
  3. What does Marchbanks offer Candida? [2]
  4. What does Candida say after hearing Marchbanks’ offer? [2]
  5. What is the reaction of the two men as they wait for Candida to make her choice? [2]
  6. What does Candida say ultimately? [1]

Section B

(Answer four questions on at least three textbooks which may include EITHER The Tempest OR Candida.)

THE TEMPEST - Shakespeare

Question 3

Referring closely to the conversation between Prospero and Miranda in Act 1 Scene ii, answer the following:

  1. Narrate what Prospero tells Miranda about his past and the circumstances which brought him to the island. [8]
  2. How does Miranda react to this tale? What is Prospero’s purpose in telling her this tale? [6]
  3. What do you conclude about Prospero from this conversation? [6]

Question 4 [20]

Miranda is a perfect blend of innocence and determination. Discuss her role in the play with close reference to the text.

CANDIDA - George Bernard Shaw

Question 5

Referring closely to the second act of the play ‘Candida’, answer the following:

  1. Give an account of the conversation between Marchbanks, Proserpine and Burgess. [8]
  2. What opinion do Marchbanks and Burgess have of Morell? [6]
  3. What does the conversation reveal about Proserpine and Burgess? [6]

Question 6 [20]

Miss Proserpine Garrett is a true representative of the middle class who inspires pity as well as admiration. Give your views with reference to the play.


Question 7

Referring closely to the events of the second day of the Feast of the New Year, answer the following:

  1. Describe the wrestling match held on the day. [8]
  2. How did Ekwefi and Ezinma prepare for the feast? [6]
  3. What does the account tell you about the life of the community? [6]

Question 8 [20]

Comment on the role of Nwoye and the manner in which he finds relief and peace from his father’s oppressive tyranny.

Question 9 [20]

Give an account of the visit of Obierika to Okonkwo. What news does he bring and in which way is he a good friend to Okonkwo?


Question 10

Referring closely to the essay Voice of Humanity, answer the following:

  1. Describe the poet Rabindranath Tagore’s first visit to Europe. [8]
  2. What creative activities did the poet indulge in upon his return to India? What did he do in addition? [6]
  3. What are the poet’s thoughts about humanity? [6]

Question 11 [20]

Referring closely to the essay, On Going Out for a Walk, relate the writer’s belief and views on walking for “walking’s sake”.

Question 12 [20]

Referring closely to the essay On the Choice of a Profession, discuss the factors one must keep in mind while choosing a profession.


Question 13

Referring closely to the short story To Build a Fire, answer the following:

  1. Describe the man’s repeated attempts to keep himself warm. [8]
  2. Contrast the attitudes of the Man and his Dog towards the weather. [6]
  3. What does the man finally learn from his experience? [6]

Question 14 [20]

With close reference to the short story The Singing Lesson; describe how the lesson as it progresses, becomes an echo of Miss Meadows’ feelings.

Question 15 [20]

Referring closely to the short story The Story of the Hour, give an account of the thoughts and conflicts which go through Mrs. Mallard’s mind when she hears about the untimely and sudden death of her husband. Comment on the ending of the story.


Question 16

Referring closely to the poem The Darkling Thrush, answer the following:

  1. Describe the bleak picture of the day as described by the poet. [8]
  2. How does the atmosphere suddenly change? [6]
  3. What are the poet’s feelings at the end of the poem? [6]

Question 17 [20]

Describe the interaction between the Spider and the Fly in the poem The Spider and the Fly.

Question 18 [20]

The poem Crossing the Bar is a poem of affirmation and faith. Give your views.