ICSE Class 10 Geography 2022 Semester-2 Sample Paper

Class 10 Geography

Geography is part of HCG Paper 2. Maximum Marks are 40 and Time allowed is one and a half hours. You have to attempt all questions from Section A and any three questions from Section B.

Section A

(Attempt all questions)

Question 1

On the outline map of India provided mark and name the following: [10]

  1. Himalayas
  2. River Ganga
  3. Chennai
  4. Western Ghats
  5. Gulf of Kutch
  6. Malabar coastal plain
  7. Karakoram Pass
  8. Black soil area in peninsular region
  9. Standard Meridian of India

Section B

(Attempt any three questions from this Section)

Question 2

(i) (a) Give any one use of Manganese.

(b) Why is copper used in electrical appliances? [2]

(ii) Give two advantages of using Natural gas over coal. [2]

(iii) With reference to Bhakra Nangal dam answer the following:

  1. On which river is it situated?
  2. Name any two states benefitted by Bhakra Nangal. [3]

(iv) (a) Mention two advantages of using biogas.

(b) How has the nuclear power contributed in reducing the pressure on Conventional sources of energy? [3]

Question 3

(i) Mention two ways in which agriculture sector is important for India. [2]

(ii) (a) Name two agriculture seasons of India.

(b) Name one crop that grows in each of the season mentioned by you. [2]

(iii) With reference to Wheat cultivation answer the following:

  1. Name the soil found suitable for its growth.
  2. Name the state that is the largest producer of this crop in India.
  3. Why is this crop not grown in southern parts of India? [3]

(iv) (a) Name the largest producer of tea in India.

(b) What is GINNING?

(c) Why is PRUNING essential for tea crop? [3]

Question 4

(i) Differentiate between public sector and private sector industry giving suitable example for each from India. [2]

(ii) Give two ways in which cotton textile industry is important for India. [2]

(iii) With reference to Rourkela steel plant answer the following:

  1. Where is it located?
  2. Which country helped India to establish this steel plant?
  3. From where does it get its iron ore requirement? [3]

(iv) (a) What are the benefits of using petrochemical products? (Any two)

(b) How has the electronic industry revolutionized the entertainment sector? [3]

Question 5

(i) Mention two advantages of using waterways. [2]

(ii) Differentiate between national highway and state highway. [2]

(iii) Mention three benefits of Golden quadrilateral. [3]

(iv) What are the three disadvantages of using air transport? [3]

Question 6

(i) Why is there a need for waste management in India? (Two points) [2]

(ii) Segregation considered a safe method of waste disposal. Explain. [2]

(iii) Mention three ways that may be used in India to reduce waste. [3]

(iv) Mention three reasons as to why the dumping of waste may be harmful. [3]