There is one paper of two hours duration carrying 100 marks and Internal Assessment of 100 marks. The paper is divided into two Sections, A and B. Section A consists of compulsory short answer questions covering the entire syllabus.

Section B consists of questions which require detailed answers. There is a choice of questions. You are required to answer four questions from this section.

Part 1: Theory - 100 marks

  1. A simple study of natural and synthetic fibres - origin, properties and how they are produced. A brief outline of the manufacture of fibres in fabrics; finishes which improve the properties and appearance of fabrics. Knowledge of various types of fabrics (including blended fabrics), their choice and suitability for dressmaking and reaction under normal use.

  2. The purchase of fabrics; approximate prices and estimation of quantity. The selection and use of supplementary materials used in the course of dressmaking.

  3. Choice of clothes for an individual (of any age) in relation to figure types, style, occasion, colour, fabrics and climatic conditions.