ICSE Class 08 Syllabus

The curriculum for the Upper Primary Stage covers English, Hindi (Second Language), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (under Science), History & Civics, Geography, Computer Studies and Arts Education.

The syllabus consists of eight themes - Matter, Physical Quantities and Measurement, Force and Pressure, Energy, Light Energy, Heat Transfer, Sound, Electricity.

The syllabus consists of eight themes - Representation of Geographical Features, Population Dynamics, Migration, Urbanisation, Natural and Man-made disasters, Asia: The Largest Continent, India: Geographical Features, India - Human Resources.

The syllabus consists of two themes - The Three main organs of the Indian Government: Legislature, Executive, Judiciary; and United Nations.

The syllabus consists of eight themes on The Modern World - A Period of Transition, The Growth of Nationalism, India in the 18th Century, Traders to Rulers, British Policies and Impacts, The Great Uprising of 1857, Socio-Religious Reforms, and India’s Struggle for Freedom.