ICSE Class 06 Syllabus

The curriculum for the Upper Primary Stage covers English, Hindi (Second Language), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (under Science), History & Civics, Geography, Computer Studies and Arts Education.

The syllabus consists of two themes: (i) The Rural Local Self Government, and (ii) Urban Local Self Government.

The syllabus consists of six themes on The Ancient World - (i) The River Valley Civilizations, (ii) The Vedic Civilization, (iii) Mahavira & Buddha - Great Preachers, (iv) Rise of Kingdoms & Republicans, (v) The Mauryan Empire, and (vi) The Golden Age - Gupta Empire.

The syllabus consist of six themes - Number System, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, and Data Handling.

At the primary level, children’s process of learning gradually and progressively moves from hearing to listening, to speech to reading and finally writing. With progression of time children continue to develop and refine their skills in these aspects of language.