ISC Commerce Class 12 Syllabus

Part 1 (20 marks) consists of compulsory short answer questions testing knowledge, application and skills relating to elementary / fundamental aspects of the entire syllabus.

Part II (60 marks) consists of eight questions out of which you are required to answer five questions, each carrying 12 marks.

1. Business Environment

Concept, and importance of Business Environment.

2. Financing

(i) Capital: Sources of finance for sole trader; partnership; Joint Stock Company; financial planning.

(ii) Sources of finance for a Joint Stock Company.

  • (a) Different types of shares: equity, preference. Bonus shares, rights issue, ESOP, Sweat Equity Shares, Retained earnings.
  • (b) Loan capital: debentures.
  • (c) Loans from commercial banks and Financial Institutions. 
  • (d) Short-term sources of funds. 

(iii) Banking - latest trends.

3. Management

(i) Management: Meaning, objectives and characteristics of management.

(ii) Nature of Management - Science, Art and Profession.

(iii) Importance of Management.

(iv) Principles of Management: nature of principles; need for principles.

(v) Functions of Management: Planning; Organising; Staffing; Directing; Controlling and Coordinating.

4. Marketing

(i) Marketing: concept and functions.

(ii) Marketing Mix.

(iii) Consumer protection: rights of consumers, methods of consumer protection.